This Hunter Wants You To Believe This Is An Act Of Compassion, And Not His Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

For all we know this bow-hunter chasing a pheasant is the most accomplished pheasant hunter in the world, but at that moment he was caught red-faced with his pants down. On the one hand he was able to shoot a pheasant with an arrow, which in and of itself is an extremely difficult task. But on the other hand he barely wounded it and was forced to chase the bird around and bludgeon it to death by throwing his compound bow at the bird.

In some ways this is the BEST and WORST hunting clip ever filmed. If you choose to see the good in this clip then you’re seeing a compassionate hunter who has realized that he’s mortally wounded a bird, but in a way that will lead to a very slow death. And by chasing and bludgeoning the pheasant to death he’s putting the bird out of its misery, cutting short any suffering the bird might be going through. But if you choose to see the bad in this clip then you’re watching an inept bow hunter chasing around a species typically hunted with guns, and who’s trying its hardest to hold on to every second of life and escape the hunter. I guess this is sort of a ‘choose your own adventure’ hunting video.

Anyways, here it is again in GIF because I can’t stop watching it: