Did Pippa Middleton Fake Her Fantastic Ass?


There it is. The royal ass. Let’s look at it again.

Oh. Yea. How about one more?

Fuck it. Hit me with another.

Okay. Final shot. I promise.

Well, what did you think of that, Bros? Look real to you? I ask, because people are making claims that the best ass in Britain was an elaborate forgery. From People Magazine, who published the ranting of a Pippa truther.

“Of course she had a false bottom,” etiquette expert Stephane Bern, 50, said on his French TV show Monday, according to the Daily Mail. “It was an optical illusion. She knew there were a billion people watching. It was the moment to show it.”

As Nate Dogg said, “Fake that ass for me, fake that ass for me. Come on girl, fake that ass for me.” No wait, that’s not what he said. As to how one Phillipa Middleton might have achieved this illusion, the etiquette expert did not provide an answer.

He didn’t elaborate as to how Pippa could accomplish such a feat, the paper reports.

I assume padding in the dress? I mean, I’m a guy and I figured that one out quick. Still, I say no. Kate would have none of that at her wedding.

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