Abandoned Pit Bull Found In A Crack House Covered In Cig Burns Is Now A Healthy FDNY Firehouse Dog

by 2 years ago

Ashley is a good dog. She’s currently an FDNY firehouse dog at a Lower East Side precinct known as ‘Fort Pitt’ and has the love and adoration of an entire fire department. Life wasn’t always so good for Ashley the Pit Bull, though, because it wasn’t that long ago that Ashley was abandoned in an actual crack house.

Once left without food, water, and heat/electricity for over two days, Ashley the Pit Bull was malnourished and covered in cigarette burns when Erica Mahnken and her fiancé rescued the dog from an empty crack house on Staten Island. Ashley the Pit Bull was taken in by No More Pain Rescue where she was nursed back to health and made a remarkable recovery. Ashley was taken in by No More Pain Rescue over a year ago but it wasn’t until January 9th of this year when this adorable Pit Bull found her ‘forever home’ on the Lower East Side, and her ‘Forever Family’ in the form an entire FDNY firehouse.

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