Pizza Hut Pizzas In Australia Now Come With A Doritos Crust And Want, Want, Want

As a country, Australia is known to give no fucks. A continent inhabited solely by the descendants of hardened convicts will foster that kind of ethos. The attitude apparently extends to the nation’s brands, because Pizza Hut Australia is merckin’ it with their newest invention.

It is a pizza, but instead of a basic crust of plain old, yeasty dough, it’s enhanced with god damn Doritos.

That’s right, a crunchy Doritos crust. Under those Doritos? More mozzarella cheese. On top of those Doritos? Cheddar cheese. In your mouth? You fucking bet, unless you live in this stupid country, which has no Doritos crust pizza.

To Australia, we move!

The head of Pizza Hut in Australia’s Pizza Development Department (The PDD!) sounds jacked about the taste bomb about to be detonated on your tongue. From Pizza Marketplace:

“We’re so excited to launch the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza – it’s the kind of pizza that needs to not only be eaten, but heard to be believed. As you bite into the crust you’ll be blown away by the crunch – it’s not only seriously loud, but delicious,” Head of Marketing and Innovation Fatima Syed said in the release. “Why Doritos? Well it is a globally loved brand and they have the best corn chips to deliver the ultimate crunch. This exciting and undeniably fun new crust will wow all your senses, not just your taste buds.”

There was no word in the release about what type of Doritos are being used, but we can only hope it is delicious Nacho Cheese and not dump-flavored Cool Ranch.

Here’s a first look at your Doritos Crust Pizza.

[H/T First We Fucking Feast]