Bros Fishing On A Lake Capture Insane Footage When A Plane Nearly Crashes Into Them Out Of Nowhere

During a recent fishing tournament for the freshwater Surubi fish found in Goya, Argentina a group of bros were filming the shotgun start to the tournament when out of nowhere they caught incredible footage of a plane almost taking them and their boat out. During the shotgun start to a fishing tournament it’s absolute mayhem, boats taking off at top speed in every direction on their way to the honey spots with the big fish, and you’re really only focusing on not hitting the other boats around you. One thing you’re certainly not focusing on are planes from above nearly crashing into your boat when they buzz too low and too close, but hey, they got some sick footage out of it!

The plane nearly takes them out around the :35 mark, and was filmed using either a GoPro or a selfie stick. But instead of watching it on video over and over and over, let’s just check that out once more in GIF, shall we?

David Strege over at GrindTV is reporting that the plane actually came within centimeters of hitting the fisherman aboard that bass boat. Pictures of the event can be found on the tournament’s website and/or Facebook page.