Plane Hits Electric Wires While Crash Landing In Washington, Causes Ball Of Flames In Traffic

Miraculously, there were no injuries when this plane crash landed in Mukilteo, Washington yesterday afternoon. I say ‘miraculously’ because once you see this footage it’s nearly unfathomable that everyone involved escaped this without severe injuries.

The tiny plane was forced to make a crash-landing, and upon descent, it clipped electrical wires and a street light. This ignited a massive ball of flames that can be seen just above cars sitting in traffic.

This is definitely a ‘holy shit’ moment if you’re one of those cars sitting in traffic and all of a sudden see a flaming plane come screaming across the sky. It’s also a ‘holy shit’ moment if you’re the pilot who was bracing for a landing when out of nowhere the entire plane erupted into flames.

The footage was captured by a driver’s dashboard camera in traffic just outside of the Mukilteo Speedway in Washington. Multiple cars were damaged, and traffic was totally fucked for several hours, but there were zero reported injuries according to The Daily Mail.

Let’s check that out once more in GIF, shall we?

I still can’t believe that the pilot escaped that without grave injuries. Sure, it’s shit luck having to crash land. But if I were that pilot I’d go out and purchase a lottery ticket immediately because surviving a landing like that makes him the luckiest man alive.

(via Storyful News YouTube)

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