Watch A Plane Full Of People Tackle This Drunk Guy To The Ground For Allegedly Hassling A Woman

by 4 years ago

How hard is it to behave on an airplane?? All you have to do is sit, be quiet, and wait until the plane lands. Then when it lands, you stand up and leave. That’s it! It’s so simple any ol’ idiot could do it, except for apparently this drunk guy who was allegedly hassling a woman on a flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok. According to Mirror,

He was reportedly then handed over to police after the plane landed.

The man was not named but was apparently 30-years-old and had been drinking, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to local media.

Police spokeswoman Ekaterina Tarasova confirmed there had been an incident on board a flight operated by airlines S7 and Cathay Pacific.

The spokesman added: “The plane arrived on time in Vladivostok, so the incident did not cause any delay.”

For all the hassle that flying involves, you’d think that it would be cheaper. But nah, let me go pay hundreds of dollars to sit next to a screaming baby and breathe in 50+ people’s recycled farts for 4 hours. Good times all around.

[H/T Mirror]