Pokemon Go Nerd Stumbles Across Two Co-Workers Having Sex In Office Building And Films It

Pokemon Go. More like Pokemon BLOW AMIRIGHT?!

…I’m a loser.

Moving on. This Pokemon Go craze has not only led nerds outside their comfort zones, but it’s put them in places that they’d never normally go to see things they’re not accustomed to seeing.

This is evident in one Pokemon Go gamer’s trek to the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo in the late hours of the night in an effort to catch Pikachu (literally the only Pokemon I’m familiar with).

What he saw on his journey has gone viral overnight–a chick giving a dude a hummer in a high-rise building of a Santo Domingo consultancy firm.

Check it out below, kinda NSFW:

The plot thickens after a secretary who social media identified as the supposed female star of the video has publicly denied her involvement.

According to Mirror,

Diana Paulino has lodged a formal complaint with police after being named on social media – and said on local television: “My initial reaction was one of alarm at how I could be linked to the woman in this video.

“I have got absolutely nothing to do with the company where the video was filmed.”

She added: “The video shows the silhouette of a young woman whose bust is approximately a cup size A whereas I am a DD.

An alibi and a humblebrag all in one. Brilliant approach by Diana.

The spokesperson for Bextro Consultora, the alleged consultancy firm where the sex act took place, released a statement after the video gained widespread traction on social media

A spokesman said: “After concluding our investigations we can inform you that an act between two adults took place in our installations that goes against our moral and ethical corporate values and which has permeated through to the Dominican Republic society.

“Bextro Consultora, in line with the values and principles that it was founded on, has taken decisive internal steps, including adjustments to security to safeguard the integrity of the firm.”

More like Pokemon BLOW AMIRIGHT?! Was it funnier the second time? No? Ok. Signing off. Bye.

[h/t Mirror]

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