Watch This Police Officer Flip A Lid On A Dude Who Asks Him A Simple Question

by 3 years ago

Listen, I respect the fuck out of police officers. I don’t have the patience or composure to put up with the shit they do on a daily basis. If some little piss ant tried to use his Criminology 101 knowledge to diminish my authority, I’d immediate tase the fuck out of his neck right then and there. And if he was filming me trying to do my job, I’d snatch the phone out of his hand, take a pic of my dick, and send it to his girlfriend, before destroying it right in front of him. I’d totally use the big dick of the law quite literally. Ya, I’m not cut out for that line of work. I’ll stick to blogging on the internets, where my authority gets questioned daily but I can’t do shit about it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.06.25 PM


Can’t even disagree with that one.

[h/t LADbible]

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