Police Sergeants Fired After They Were Caught On Video Having Sex While On Duty

 Jupiter Police Department Sex Scandal

Jupiter Police Department

Teachers having sex with their students is old and busted; cops having sex with each other while on duty is the new hotness. Last month, we had two police officers having sex in a Home Depot parking lot, which caused the police officer’s wife to get them both fired. Then there was the female officeress caught on video giving her coworker a blowjob in their police cruiser. Today’s police sex scandal comes to us from Florida. But of course.

Sgt. Amy Walling and Sgt. Jason VanSteenburgh of the Jupiter Police Department were fired after photos and video of them having sex with each other were revealed. The sexual activity came while at least one of the two cops were on duty. Probably best for fellow cops to borrow their handcuffs or nightstick.

An Internal Affairs investigation determined that Walling and VanSteenburgh had sex on at least two occasions while on duty in 2015.

The report states that Walling performed oral sex on her co-worker at her home during his scheduled work hours.

Gettin’ paid to get laid.

The investigation also revealed that VanSteenburgh sent a partially nude pic, while wearing his uniform, to Walling while he was on assignment.

“The pictures, which was taken by VanSteenburgh, occurred while he was engaged in protecting the safety of a person whose life was in danger,” the Internal Affair’s report read.

Walling also sent a partially naked photo that exposed her breasts to VanSteenburgh from inside her office while wearing her uniform.

“The photograph was taken at the Jupiter Police Department inside then Major Walling’s office located in the Criminal Investigations Bureau,” the report stated.

VanSteenburgh’s bosses approached him about the allegations and he denied them. He was proven to be lying because the police department had video of them banging.


Town Manager Andy Lukasik made the decision to fire the cops:

“Upon review of both of the Jupiter Police Department’s thorough internal affairs investigations, and Chief Kitzerow’s review of the investigations and subsequent recommendations, I have decided to uphold the recommendation to terminate the employment of both Sergeant Amy Walling and Sergeant Jason Vansteenburgh. The actions of Sergeants Walling and Vansteenburgh were in violation of the Town’s policies and the Police Department’s General Orders. Their behavior was unacceptable and disappointing, and does not represent the culture or organizational values of the Town of Jupiter, the Jupiter Police Department or its employees.”

An attorney for Walling said she plans on appealing the decision in hopes of getting her job back.

If I got fired for every time I had sex at my job, I’d still have every job I ever had.