Poopfiction Will Find You The Perfect Reading Material For Taking A Dump Based On One Simple Question

Long before cell phones and iPads, people did serious reading while taking a dump. Once technology came along, we all decided to spend the time on the crapper doing things like trolling Facebook and Instagram. So now we’re literally doing shit while taking a shit.

Poopfiction wants to bring back the old days by offering classic and thought-provoking literature while sitting on the throne. Just go over readpoopfiction.com and answer one simple question — how long is this poop going to take. The options are Tiny, Short, Medium and Long (those are measurements of time, not feces) and Poopfiction will randomly generate a story that you should be able to finish in the given amount of time. All of these stories are public domain works from Project Gutenberg.

I just wish they’d add one last option called “dead legs” to describe those times you’re on the can so long, your legs go numb.

[via Life Hacker]

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