Popping A Champagne Bottle With A .50 Caliber Rifle Changes The Definition Of Baller


This New Year’s Eve you will most certainly be drinking Champagne. Champs as the ‘lens call it (that’s what I call Millennials). Sure, you could wrap a dish towel around it and safely pop the cork into the cloth, injuring no one, but you know what?


Show off by popping that cork with a large-caliber gun, hopefully murdering a few people in the process. Just kidding. Ninety-five percent of gun shot victims, if they arrive at the hospital alive, survive.

Or, make sure people aren’t standing right behind the bottle when you hit it with a .50 caliber rifle. That’s what Richard Ryan did on his YouTube channel¬†FullMag

Ryan just missed opening a bottle of Cristal, beautifully shattering it in the process, but his aim was true on a four buck bottle of Ballatore. Which is probably just as good.

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