Posting To Facebook Was Literally The Last Thing This Woman Did Before She Crashed And Died

by 5 years ago

Quite literally, the last thing a woman did seconds before crashing her car head-on into a truck, was update her Facebook from her mobile phone. This story is too damn tragic.

She wasn’t drunk. She wasn’t under the influence of any substances. She wasn’t speeding. She probably didn’t look away from the road for more than a few seconds. But when you’re behind the wheel, every second is one that your eyes need to be on the road. Unfortunately, now, she’s dead.

Exactly the reason I pretty much refuse to use my phone for anything other than taking calls when I’m in the car. Literally, people, put your fucking phones down! Nothing in the world is pressing enough to ever jeopardize your life when it hangs in the balance on America’s roadways every time you drive. And it’s not even just about your life – she very well could have veered into another car and taken someone else to the grave with her.

By no means should this admonishment be taken as an insult for the tragedy that occurred, and it sucks that it happened. But hopefully it will serve as a reminder the next time you think about sharing a story about Kim Kardashian’s ass while you’re behind the wheel.

No one cares. Honestly. Don’t be this lady. And for what it’s worth, there’s better asses out there.

[h/t 104.7 KissFM]

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