Posting Your Pic And Phone Number In A New City, Looking For Friends, Is A Dumb Idea — Just Ask This Guy

by 4 years ago


Lonely Flyer

It’s tough making new friends in a new city but I don’t know if a guy has to resort to a photo on a telephone poll.

On Thursday, Redditor actualguy69 (because actual guys love…y’know) posted a picture of a flyer a man put up in his town. The guy who posted the flyer was new to town and trying to make new friends, but his pitch might’ve been a bit too honest.

For a moment, I thought the photo was of him with a dong drawn on his face in real life. Kind of like “this is what happened with my last group of friends, I need new ones” but it looks like someone drew the dick on the photo.

I bet the penis Picasso gets panic attacks and was offended.

[via Some eCards]

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