I Just Learned So Many New Ways To Drop F-Bombs From This ‘Pottymouth Kids Compilation’

Kids these days are SAVAGE. They’re not even out of diapers and they’re coming up with new (extremely offensive) ways to drop f-bombs and other curse words. In fact, with some of these kids they’ve just started talking and don’t know any words that aren’t profanity. And I know I shouldn’t be laughing at young kids telling jokes like ‘(Q) What’s more fun than slapping a baby? (A) This d*ck.’, but the shock of seeing these young ass kids saying things they shouldn’t just hits me in the funny bone.

Also, when I say ‘kids saying things they shouldn’t’ I just want to be extremely clear here that some of the shit said in that video should never be repeated by anyone, ever. Some of what those kids said (aka ‘repeated what they heard adults say) is straight up offensive, and it’s just not right. Some of it however is fucking hilarious, and it’s given me a new perspective on how to drop f-bombs and other types of profanity.

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