Is THIS Really The $1.5 Billion Winning Powerball Ticket!?


A short time after the $1.5 billion jackpot-winning POWERBALL numbers were drawn on Wednesday night, an Instagrammer with the handle @thisguysthelimit took to the ‘gram claiming he has the winning ticket (!!!).


Instagram/Erik Bragg

But does he really? The numbers match up…

BUT, if you look closely, you’ll see lines B thru E are noticeably absent from the ticket, while line A holds the winning numbers. A bit fishy, huh?

Yeah, the skeptics will be quick to tell you this is an obvious Photoshop job, and I’m one to agree as well. But nonetheless the photo is on its way to viral right now after racking up close to 50,000 Instagram likes in less than an hour. If only those could be used as currency.

Welp, until I hear Erik Bragg’s name announced on national news, I’m holding steady that this one is a big farce. Exemplary execution at first glance, but very likely not the life-changing $1.5 billion ticket.

If it is though, WHAT. A. HUMBLEBRAG.

[h/t Matt Keys]

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