Bro Creates A Clever PowerPoint In A Very Desperate Bid To Keep A Tinder Match In His City

Ever since Tinder first came on the scene people have been trying all sorts of unique and creative ways to hook up utilizing the popular dating app. Some have gone very well, while others, well… maybe online dating isn’t for them.

So this week when hordes of people flocked to Austin for SXSW a man named Hunter (h_smith on Reddit) swiped right on a lady, Amanda from Chicago, who he thought seemed like a perfect match.

Problem is, she was just visiting and didn’t live in Austin. Quite the conundrum indeed.

So Hunter did what any totally sane person looking for love would do in this case: he created a PowerPoint presentation to try to convince Amanda to stay.

Here’s how it all went down…

So did it work? Of course not, but hey, at least they are still talking so there’s a chance, however small.

And sure, while this was totally desperate, it is a dog-eat-dog dating world out there so I have to at least give the guy props for trying something different.

Okay, okay, it was completely batshit and the girl should probably be a little bit afraid. I can’t lie. Still, A for the effort, Hunter. A for the effort.


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