Chick Tried To Prank Her Boyfriend About Being Pregnant And It Resulted In The Biggest Backfire Of All-Time

This couple enjoys trading pranks back and forth with each other. You may remember the girlfriend pranked her sweet man a couple months ago by promising him a birthday BJ, but it was just a sinister and evil ruse. She may have successfully pulled the wool over her man last hoax, but this pregnancy prank blows up right in her face.

The girlfriend is going to tell her boyfriend that she stopped taking her birth control pills four months ago and that they are now pregnant. She has a positive pregnancy test (Which you can buy online for the low, low price of $20) and a fake ultrasound photo. As far as pranks go, this probably oversteps the boundary of fun, cheeky humor. To give the dude the worst scare or purest bliss of his entire life doesn’t seem like something to fuck with for a YouTube prank video, but I digress.

The nefarious girlfriend calls her boyfriend into the room, instructs him to sit down and tells him that she is pregnant. His bullshit sensors immediately go off and asks her if this is a prank. She denies and denies and denies some more. He gets nervously angry and asks her one last time, “Is this a prank.” She says no.

He then goes into a fit of rage and declares that she has cheated on him. It turns out that this dude is sterile and can’t have children.



Now she flips it on the guy and she’s angry that he never told her that he can’t have children. She then starts crying. Women logic.

That’s when he laughs right in her teary-eyed face. He sniffed out the prank, he saw the camera and knew it was all a farce.

What a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end, you can’t prank a prankster.