Friends Hilariously Fool Groom With The Ole Bachelor Party Blindfolded Bungee Jump Prank

Making the gigantic leap into marriage can be terrifying for some men. So why not ease the worries of the groom-to-be by having him take an even bigger jump. That was the thinking when these friends took their soon-to-be-married bro on his bachelor party that included bungee jumping. Only they didn’t tell him that the bungee jumping would not be as it seems.

The groom was blindfolded, wearing only his Underroos, a harness, and a cape, as his friends took him to bungee jump off the side of a cliff. However, that “cliff” was a curb with a terrifying drop of five inches.

The death-defying act took place in the city of Irun in northern Spain’s Basque region.

“Fuck this is really real, I’m really here,” the frightened man says as he stands on the sidewalk.

The nervous groom asked, “But do I have to jump or fall?”

Finally, the big moment happens where the groom takes the giant plunge… and… falls to the ground after plunging a total of a tenth-of-a-second.

“You sons of bitches!” he screams at his friends as the laugh their faces off at his shitty jump.

Of course, this isn’t the first time this glorious prank has been pulled on a groom-to-be.

There were a couple of videos that went viral of dudes being tricked into thinking they were bungee jumping, only to fall into the water.


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