This ‘Cops Are Coming!!!’ Hood Vs. Suburbs Prank Is So Wrong

by 3 years ago

The career pranksters from the TwinzTV YouTube channel are back today with this ‘Cops are coming!’ prank, in it they run through both the ‘burbs and the hood screaming that the cops are coming and then toss what appears to be a bag of drugs at whoever’s sitting idly by. They’re doing this to see how the reactions vary from the ‘burbs to the hood, but all I’m really looking are the people don’t react at all when they get hit with drugs and hear the cops are coming, because I don’t care who you are: that’s terrifying. So let’s all take a look at how people in LA react to someone running around the curb and tossing a bag of blow in their faces while screaming the cops are coming.

Earlier this week I brought you another prank video from TwinzTV, one where they snuck into their buddies’ apartment and covered his toilet paper in pepper spray which ultimately led to that dude having to jump in the shower and perform an emergency colonoscopy on himself. When I posted that on Monday some of you bros seemed to think that the entire prank was staged. Well, on that account I think you’re wrong. Nobody’s going to voluntarily douse their starfish in fiery pepper spray. I am however a little skeptical as to whether or not this prank video is real. I’m leaning towards ‘authentic’, but I have a lingering suspicion that every human alive would react the same, regardless of location, to someone showering them in drugs and screaming ‘THE COPS ARE COMING!!!’ I’m curious what you bros think though, so answers down below in the comments….

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