PRANKS: Girl Claims She’s Seen Every Video On The Internet, Dad Hilariously Proves Her Wrong

Eric McCowan’s teenage daughter absolutely believes that she has seen every video on the entire Internet because teens know everything about everything. However this father had one simple experiment to disprove his daughter’s ridiculous claim.

There is 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. So let’s say this girl is 15-years-old, that would mean that she would be 64-years-old by the time she watched all of the videos that were uploaded TODAY alone. And that’s if she didn’t go to sleep even for a minute during her epic 49 years of YouTube binge-watching. So her claim already seems a bit flawed.

However instead of arguing with a teen who will never admit that they are wrong, Eric devised a much more entertaining method of proving his point.

He pulled the old “Magic Coin Bottle Trick” on his daughter. When you search for “Magic Coin Bottle Trick” there are 48,500 results on YouTube, so a girl who has seen ALL of the videos on the Internet has surely seen just one of these prank videos.

The archaic, yet classic prank consists of placing a coin underneath a bottle filled with water. Blanket the bottle with a plastic bag and work your “magic.” When your audience member goes to look into the bottle to see if the coin disappeared you violently squeeze the bottle to forcefully spray water into their face.

“This morning my son asked my daughter ‘How’s your eye’, she said fine,” McCowan wrote. “He asked ‘How’s your ego,’ she said, ‘It’s a little bruised. lol.’ She was laughing at it still, and she was the victim in the video.”

This a perfect example on effective parenting techniques of teenagers.