PRANKS: Watch People Freak Out When Distressed Guy Shoots Explosive Diarrhea In An Elevator

The Brazilian comedy channel Canal Boom have been doing explosive diarrhea pranks since August. They started shooting the shit in the bathroom at the feet of unsuspecting crappers as seen here, here and here. In their latest edition of diarrhea-themed videos they took their prank to a place that no one could escape their chocolate thunder, the elevator.

The absolute worst place to have butt mud leaking out of your ass is the elevator. There is no hiding the fact that your body has betrayed you and transformed you into a human espresso machine. Plus everyone in the elevator will see the oil spill seeping down your pants and into your shoes.

This guy is panicking so much because he knows his bootyhole is about to explode like Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. The poor onlookers have no idea the shit spray that is about to come their way. Suddenly a storm of ass gravy is fired into the elevator. The second victim gets hit with the shit mist and even gets splattered in the face. After he moves away, you can actually see an outline of his body in diarrhea on the wall.

Maybe this dude needs to cut down on the sugary Caipirinhas drinks.

(Prank starts at :44 mark if you don’t speak Portuguese)