‘I Shit Myself’ – Watch Prankster Make Old Ladies REALLY Uncomfortable By Having Loud, Awkward Phone Conversations

Jack Jones is a prankster from the U.K. that sometimes over-shares personal information when he’s on the phone in public. In this hilarious compilation, he goes to stores and makes people feel, really, really uncomfortable by standing next to them and loudly having rather crude conversations.

Some of his delightfully vulgar public conversations include pretending to talk to his girlfriend and he questions, “It won’t stop bleeding?” Then he nonchalantly replies, “Well I told you we shouldn’t have tried anal. Well we need to get some lube next time, don’t we?” The woman immediately turns and angrily sneers at him. I guess she’s been in that situation, probably during World War II, and completely understands the no lube struggle.

Jack gets close to an elderly woman and has a sad conversation with his mother that he was diagnosed with a disease and anyone next to him can contract, and that’s when the lady puts down items and quickly scurries away. While in another confrontation, he has a misunderstanding which I’ve personally had at least 11 times; he explains to his mother that he didn’t take her dildo from the drawer, to which an outraged woman remarks, “That’s disgusting!”

“Hey babe, I’ve got a fat hard-on and I don’t know what to do about it. What do I do?” To which an old lady irately says, “That’s pretty disgusting.”

Then after arguing with his mom about cleaning his room, he tells her, “You bloody clean it, that’s what you women are good for.” The woman gets quite offended and shouts, “YOU ARE SO RUDE!” Truthfully, if these old ladies don’t want to be offended by good ole Jack’s interesting conversations, then maybe they should mind their own fucking business.

He is not an ageist, he also picks on younger people, such as a girl who he pretends he’s going to kidnap and a guy with long hair who he purposely mistakes for a girl.

It wasn’t all disgust and revulsion though because there was two endearing encounters. In the first one, Jack is having a heart-to-heart with his mum, he breaks the news that his girlfriend cheated on him three times and he doesn’t want to leave her because he loves her. A concerned woman turns to him and gives him this pearl of wisdom, “Excuse me love, I’d tell her to go fuck herself.” I don’t think his own mother could have given him better advice. In the second heartwarming meeting, Jack calls his mom to tell her that he shit his pants and “it’s all running down my leg and everything, what do I do?” To which a helpful grandmotherly woman offers tissues. Just when you lose all hope in humanity, this woman restores your faith in humankind with one special pack of paper products.