President Obama And Anthony Bourdain Bro’d Out Over Beers And A $6 Dinner In Vietnam

President Obama’s eight years in the White House are coming to an end. As part of his “Obama Doctrine” of foreign policy, he’s currently in Vietnam, announcing that the United States just lifted the arms embargo it placed on the former enemy country in the 1960’s. He also chatted it up in Hanoi about a Trans-Pacific Partnership between 12 countries that’s currently in sailing its way through Congress.

Totally a work trip. But Obama still had some time to Bro out with professional gourmand Anthony Bourdain, who travels to Southeast Asia quite a lot for his CNN show Parts Unknown. The two grabbed noodles and some cold beers in a traditional Vietnamese noodle shop, according to Bourdain’s social media accounts. Bourdain said his chopstick skills are “on point.”

The cost: $6. And before you get all pissed off about your tax dollars going to the President dining with a food icon for a future TV show, remember: Bourdain picked up the tab.