Two Sisters From NH Are Trying To Take Selfies With Every Single US Presidential Candidate, Have Already Got 15

by 4 years ago

Twitter / PrezSelfieGirls

In less than 15 days two sisters from New Hampshire, Addy Nozell (17) and sister Emma Nozell (15), have already amassed more than 15 selfies with candidates in the 2016 US Presidential Election, with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump being their 15th selfie. Already these teen sisters from New Hampshire have been making nationwide headlines after picking up a grassroots following using the hashtag #Presidentialselfiegirls in their quest to take a selfie with every single candidate (from both parties) in the 2016 Election.

First tweeting from the account @PrezSelfieGirls on July 10th, the sisters took their first selfie with New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the man who says if he’s elected President of the United States he will repeal the legalization of marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington. Here is that selfie:


Today the girls were supposed to nab their 16th Presidential Candidate selfie with Marco Rubio, but according to their Twitter feed he had to cancel his public appearance today due to feeling under the weather. That means that Donald J. Trump, the leading candidate on the Republican ticket, is the most recent selfie the girls have taken at #15:


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