Great News! You Can Now Print 3D Sex Toys At A Local UPS Store

In case you hadn’t heard you can now visit certain UPS Stores and print things out in 3D. Cool, right? Just bring in a USB drive with what you want printed and voila you don’t even have to shell out for your own 3D printer!

Of course things like weapons, gun parts, guns, gun parts, and anything related to nuclear, chemical or biological weapons won’t fly, but what about printing out a dildo or some anal beads? No problem, according to an interview conducted by The Daily Dot.

It might be easy to assume erotic items are also prohibited, but we went ahead and asked anyway, and it turns out there’s no rule against requesting the creation of a 3D-printed dildo from your friendly UPS Store employees. Want a set of anal beads, a sleek new butt plug, or maybe even an entire human fist to enjoy in the bedroom? A representative tells us that as far as UPS is concerned, those items are A-OK.

However, we were also told that each individual UPS Store owner could potentially place a ban on specific items, and if an item isn’t on the prohibited list, it’s ultimately up to each store owner on a case-by-case basis. It seems if you want that 3D-printed sex toy of your dreams you’ll have to venture in to a UPS Store and test your luck—as well as the open-mindedness of its employees.

Keeping your dignity, however, is also apparently not on their list of things that are banned.

Man, and here we thought buying condoms could be embarrassing.