People Are BUGGIN’ OUT Over This Hot Chick’s Mugshot And She’s Now Known As ‘Prison Bae’


Pulaski County Police Department

‘Prison Bae’, it’s both a compliment and a nod to the fact that someone’s spent cold hard time in the clink. So on the one hand it has to be nice for Sarah Seawright that her mugshot from Pulaski County, Arkansas has gone incredibly viral because everyone’s acknowledging how hot she is. She looks like a sexier (and black) version of Emilia Clarke, ‘Khaleesi’ on Game of Thrones. It’s got to be nice for her ego to have everyone on the Internet telling her how hot she is at a time when she’s dealing with criminal charges. Before I ramble too much though, let’s check out her mugshot that’s brought her instant overnight fame:


Pulaski County Police Department

A quick look at the hashtag #PrisonBae on Instagram shows that the Internet’s fully embraced this hottie in spite of her crimes. This time it was reckless driving, however previous charges/accusations against this Prison Bae include robbery, kidnapping and battery according to KLRT:



She’s already been featured on the New York Daily News, Bossip, Heavy, and a whole lot more…This chick went viral as fast as possible all thanks to her mugshot.

I’m not willing to call her the hottest chick to ever be arrested, but I am willing to admit that she’s taken the cutest mugshot I’ve ever seen…Those charges though…



The Prison Bae herself, Sarah Seawright, is fully embracing her overnight fame and has even included booking details on her personal Instagram page…even though she’s left her account private



Twitter’s reacting just as you’d expect Twitter to react:


So what do you bros think, is the hype real? Is this the hottest mugshot of all time? Is Prison Bae going to be the next great Internet sensation? Does she deserve her own reality show? Answers down below!

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