Prison Guard Fired For Sending Sexual Messages To Inmates’ Hot Girlfriends After They Visited Their Men In Jail

Prison Warden


A prison warden from Scotland has recently been fired for collecting the personal information of pretty blondes who were visiting their boyfriends in prison and then sending them sleazy messages on Facebook.

Cameron Mackie, a body builder whose has a wife who is a few months pregnant, was suspended after 21-year-old Vicky Irvine turned him into prison bosses, showing them illicit messages Mackie sent her after she visited the Scottish prison to see her 22-year-old boyfriend Liam Donald. Donald was serving a short sentence for a serious road traffic crime.

Liam and Vicky are pictured below.


Daily Record

According to the Daily Record, a close friend of Vicky’s who was aware of the situation reported:

“She told me he had been sending her stuff on Facebook. He would always tell her not to mention the texts to Liam. Vicky kept the messages as evidence to back up her complaint. She said there were two other victims that she has spoken personally to, both of whom got the same messages through Facebook.Vicky wanted nothing to do with the guy.

The weird thing is he was targeting other young partners of prisoners and they were all pretty blondes.

Vicky told me that this creep has his own partner who is expecting a baby.”

A source within the prison indicated that when word got out that Mackie was messaging the wives and girlfriends of inmates, it created tension within the prison.

“Word got out that a warden was contacting people’s wives and girlfriends and it caused a major stink.

It’s bad enough for the cons to think that their partners might be going out at the weekends and meeting other guys – but to think they are being preyed on by wardens in the jail is beyond the pale.

This guy seemed to think they were fair game but he never thought it through because it was always on the cards that he would be reported to jail bosses.

MacKie crossed a line and he was playing with people’s lives
so he got what he deserved.”

Mackie, who is freshly married, denies any wrongdoing.

“I explained to my work that I was trying to contact somebody else
on Facebook but I made a mistake.

I admitted I made a mistake.”

I believe him. LOL.

A part of me thinks this dude is the ultimate scumbag, but a larger part of me thinks that this dude is giving inmates the ultimate form of rehabilitation. You don’t want you girls to get hit on? Don’t commit the fucking crimes that allow for this scenario in the first place. He’s guilty of nothing other than giving these low lives a wake up call. Fired? Dude should be promoted.

[h/t Daily Record]