Professional Runner Forced To Run For His Life As 2 Bears Raced After Him

These bears picked the wrong the wrong dude to chase after. While over 70% of the American population is overweight, two black bears made the mistake of trying to attack a professional runner from Kenya with blazing speed.

Moninda Marube was on a nature trail in the woods training in Maine when two bears came out of the woods with furious vengeance. Marube said he initially engaged in a staring contest with the bears, However, the bears charged at him the moment he turned his back on them. Marube, who is a professional runner who finished third in the 2012 Maine Marathon and won the 2013 half-marathon, sprinted for his life. The blistering fast runner left the charging bears in his dust. He frantically sprinted to a nearby house that was vacant and 20 yards away to escape the beasts. The bears got within 10 yards, but Moninda turned on the turbo boosters to jet away. Finally, a marathon runner actually has a story that is worthwhile to brag about on Facebook.