Bro Suffers Spectacular Prom Fail And The Internet Just Could Not Stop Mercilessly Making Jokes

by 2 years ago
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Jordyn McManus, Twitter

Prom can pretty go one of two ways. It can be one of the best nights of your life or it can be an evening that scar you forever. There usually isn’t much in between.

For this bro, Austin Cooper, things were looking pretty fine as he was about to escort his lovely girlfriend Jordyn McManus down the stairs for a dramatic entrance they would remember forever.

Unfortunately, while they will still remember it forever (of that there is ZERO doubt), it won’t be for the reasons they had anticipated.

“Austin and I were trying to make a grand entrance for our family and friends for prom,” McManus told Mashable. “Obviously it didn’t go as planned.”

Ya think?

Check this out…

Ouch. That looked kind of painful. And it was…

“My back was hurting during the whole night of prom but I stuck with it and manned up,” Cooper said.

And McManus said she found the whole thing pretty entertaining.

“I was laughing for about 10 minutes and couldn’t stop watching the video throughout the night,” she said. “It was great.”

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