17 REAL And Ridiculous Prop Bets You Can Make On The The Final Presidential Debate

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The final Presidential debate of 2016 is almost here (thank f’ing God).

And because this is the one, in addition to our Presidential Debate Drinking Game we thought you might need even more help getting through what is sure to be the ultimate shitshow tonight.

Thankfully, the fine folks over at For The Win put together 18 prop bets that you can get down on to make the debate even more ludicrous than it already will be.

Will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shake hands before the debate begins?
Yes -120 (5/6)
No -120 (5/6)

Will the third presidential debate garner more viewers than the second?
Yes (Over 63.6 Million) +150 (3/2)
No (Under 63.6 Million) -200 (1/2)

Which network will have the most recorded viewers?
NBC 1/2
ABC 7/4
CBS 5/1
FOX 9/1

What color will Donald Trump’s tie be?
Red 1/2
Blue 3/1
Yellow/Gold 4/1
Black 20/1
Other Color 6/1

What color will Hillary Clinton’s jacket be?
Blue 2/3
Black 5/1
White 5/1
Yellow/Gold 7/1
Red 30/1
Other Color 4/1

Who will be first to interrupt the other?
Donald Trump 1/3
Hillary Clinton 2/1

How many times will Donald Trump say “Tremendous”?
Over/Under 8.5

How many times will Trump say “Make America Great Again”?
Over/Under 2

How many times will “WikiLeaks” be said?
Over/Under 3.5

How many times will Trump say “rig” or “rigged”?
Over/Under 4.5

Will ‘George Soros’ or ‘Soros’ be mentioned?
Yes 6/1
No 1/12

Trump’s Suit Designer
Brioni 1/5
Armani 3/1

Clinton’s Suit Designer
Ralph Lauren 4/11
Nina McLemore 7/2
Armani 4/1
Marc Jacobs 4/1
Calvin Klein 6/1

First topic mentioned
Fitness to be President 6/5
Immigration 10/3
Economy 4/1
Supreme Court 11/2
Foreign Hot Spots 9/1
Debt and Entitlements 9/1

Donald Trump to walk out during the live broadcast

Hillary Clinton to take a drug test before the debate

Donald Trump to not attend the 3rd Debate

For help and tips on which bets you should take, head on over to FTW.

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