Guy Proposes By Arranging 99 iPhone 6s’ In The Shape Of A Heart, Gets Rejected Because That’s A Stupid Idea

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Sorry to all the guys out there who were planning on proposing to their girl by buying 99 iPhone 6s’ and then arranging them in the shape of a heart, but it’s best to stop you before you do anything stupid…like buy 99 iPhone 6s’ and then arrange them in the shape of a heart. What happened to nice candlelight dinners? Or taking your girl to a romantic spot in a park? Last time I checked, the iPhone 6s’ marketing strategy didn’t involve romance in any way whatsoever, but maybe this guy was trying to show off how much money he had?



In which case…he’s still an idiot.

QQ Games (via The Nanfang) reports that a computer programmer in Guangzhou decided to propose to his girlfriend in the middle of an iPhone 6 heart.

The proposal happened right beforeSingles Day, which is a day to celebrate being single. It’s also the biggest online shopping day on Earth.

The woman, however, apparently said “no,” leaving this fella with a whole bunch of iPhones and a handful of flowers.

Via Kotaku

99 iPhone 6s’ cost around $85,000, making this not only a giant romantic failure, but a financial one as well.



Let’s hope he kept the receipts.

[H/T Kotaku]