Family Thinks Their House Is Haunted, Except Wait IT’S JUST A TEN FOOT PYTHON

Which would you rather have in your house, a ghost or a python? Because I’d rather have a ghost. Sure it’d be annoying to hear things going “bump” in the night, but at least you could make your house into a giant tourist trap and rake in all the $$$ from goobers that wanna “experience” the ghost. A python though? Blegh. That thing’ll poop everywhere. Plus, who wants to see a python when you could just go to the zoo? Lame.

A family who thought their home was haunted by a ghost sat down to watch TV and found a giant PYTHON sat on their sofa.

For weeks, the Ontario family were starting to think they had a ghost living with them after some strange noises inside their home.

But the truth was much worse than a haunted house.

Rachel Leck told Simcoe County Online that she and her 10-year-old son Xavier and entered the living room to watch a game of baseball on TV.

While Xavier turned the television on Rachel sat down on the couch, unaware that the snake was less than a metre away from her.

She said: “He turned around to sit down on the couch beside me and he says, ‘There’s a snake’. We both screamed and I jumped the hell off that couch pretty darn quick…”

They called police who captured the snake and removed it from the house.

Rachel believes the python could have been in the house for a couple of weeks, which would explain recent strange occurrences, including a lamp getting knocked over and glasses falling to the floor.

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A lamp gets knocked over and your first thought is “Durrr GHOSTZ!!??” The Ontario family isn’t much for problem solving, apparently.

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