Resolve To Quit Vaping In 2016, As Even More Studies Are Proving Just How Bad It Really Is


If there’s one joy that arrived in 2015, a bleak year filled with racial strife, societal divide, and never-ending global fears, it’s that almost every single day brought news that vaping is bad for you.

From finding out the chemicals in them could cause lung disease, to discovering their nicotine is just as harmful as cigarettes, to proving they contain formaldehyde, to learning that your vape pen could burn a dang hole in your lung, it’s been a banner year for the “Hey, don’t vape” crowd.

(Which, full disclosure, I am firmly a part of.)

Amazingly, you’d think that all the bad things you could discover about vaping have already been found out, and scientists would have moved onto other shit, like teleporting turtles.

(I would send turtles everywhere if I could.)

But another round of vaping news just came out and spoiler alert: you shouldn’t be vaping your lungs to death. From the Daily Mail:

E-cigarettes can cause cancer – even when they are nicotine-free, scientists have warned.

There is little difference to a person’s health between using the devices and smoking regular cigarettes, a study found.

Toxins found in e-cigarettes trigger the same cell damage that causes cancer.

Wow. Just as bad! That’s … just as bad.

“But it was water vapor,” the vaper said, as he got a catheter port on his collar bone to begin chemotherapy.


Researchers from Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System tested two popular brands of e-cigarettes.

They found that both brands harmed cells in ways that could spark the development of a tumor even with no nicotine – which is the addictive ingredient in tobacco.

So what are you going to do in 2016?

Say it with me:

Not vape.

[Via The Daily Mail]