Pennsylvania Mayor Posts Very Racist Memes About Obama On Facebook, Asked To Resign

West York, Pennsylvania Mayor Charles Wasko is, by all standards of measurement, a Grade A piece of shit. Residents of the borough are calling for the mayor to resign after he posted a series racist memes on Facebook, including, but not limited to, a meme suggesting Obama should be lynched. It’s fucking mind-boggling this dude is an elected official.

The caption is cut off here, but reads: “Moving day at the White House has finally arrived.” Wasko added his own comment, “Not soon enough.”

The comment from Wasko reads: “Most think it is Obama’s picture….sorry it’s Moochelles baby photo.”

Since receiving widespread backlash from the memes, Wasko has refused to back down, even claiming that there is “more to come.”

He said in a statement:

Sorry, But I will not be politically correct, I say what is on my mind and what I believe in, I say what people think but are afraid to upset the liberal media and crooked politicians….there will be more to come from me. when I ran for this position I told the residents that I will work with council but I won’t put up with and wrong doings I will let residents know what they really do, and the bomb is ready to drop on Mauck and Wilson. (Mauck and Wilson are Pennsylvania political figures who criticized Wasko) 

There’s a difference between being politically correct and a bigoted fuckface. Dude deserves a brick through his window.

[h/t Huffington Post]

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