This Rap Tribute To Wawa Hoagies Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

Wawa is life if you live in the Mid-Atlantic. Like Jesus Christ himself, Wawa is there for you when no one else is. Doesn’t matter what time of day, it satisfies every craving — The $4.99 Hoagiefest hoagies are crack, the ice tea is crack, the breakfast sandwiches are crack, the smoothies are crack, the coffee is crack. Wawa is life.

If you have any allegiance to the Wawa lifestyle, stop whatever you’re doing at watch Aaron Out’s rap tribute to Wawa. He puts Wawa’s inbred arch nemesis Sheetz from bumblefuck PA on blast, which makes elitist 215 hearts soar: “If you fuckin’ with 7-11 or you fuckin’ with Sheetz, we ain’t fuckin with you!”

This ode to Wawa might make DelCo residents masturbate with deli mustard as lube after running through a brick wall. Just another Wednesday night if you’re from DelCo.

“It’s open all night so you know it’s always… lit.”

[H/T: Jordie]

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