Rare North Korea Propaganda Posters Have Leaked And SPOILER ALERT: They Hate America And Want To Eat Our Children

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Fellow Americans,

Don’t quote me on this but I don’t think North Korea thinks too highly of us. All conjecture, no actual evidence. Oh wait, nevermind, we actually have a whole scrapbook of propaganda posters that have been plastered all over the country that basically say THEY WANT TO EAT OUR BABIES.

These propaganda posters are set to go on display in China this week in a rare exhibition outside of the creepily private nation.

According to UNILAD,

North Korea tour company owner Nicholas Bonner, from the UK, has successfully found a way to put a selection of striking replica posters on show without falling foul of officials in North Korea.

Bonner commissioned Pyongyang artists to paint reproductions of posters he’d seen in the country. As he commissioned them for artistic rather than political purposes, he was allowed to take them into China.

On Friday, the posters will go on show at the Pop-Up Beijing boutique in the Chinese capital.

Check out the downright comical posters with their corresponding translations below.

“Seed revolution is the core of agricultural development.”

I read: “I have no idea why I’m using a magnifying glass on a fucking grain of wheat.”
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“We build small and medium power stations by ourselves.”

I read: “Smile, or I’ll get shot in the face.”


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“US imperialists cannot let their children know the truth.”

I read: Rockets are cool as fuck, thanks America.”


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“Don’t be fooled by their art of disguise!”

I read: Does this twig make my eyes pop?


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“Love our machines like the anti-Japanese guerrillas who loved their weapons like the pupils of their own eyes.”

I read: Is that man over my right shoulder holding a gun? K, so I guess no lunch break again.




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“Destroy US imperialists!”

I read:  How the fuck did you get a ring on that trainwreck of a finger?





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“Let the exploits of the northern railway conductors shine!”

I read: I really have to get an iPhone.




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Let’s destroy the manoeuvres of the US imperialist.

I read: It takes three of you fuckers to kill one American? Be better, North Korea. Better.


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Let’s increase electricity production by reconstructing thermal power stations and building large hydroelectric plants.

I read: Let’s not.


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Three revolutions, let’s advance the march of grand construction with Chollima (mythical winged horse) speed.

I read: Kim Jung Un doesn’t consider me a human. So there’s that.





[h/t Unilad]

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