7 Reasons Living With Your Parents Is Way Better Than Living On Your Own

living with parents


Living with your parents has always had a bad reputation, and yet in recent years it’s become more socially acceptable than ever before. We get it – the recession hit hard, it’s almost impossible to find a good job and you’re stuck living at home until you can afford to make it on your own. But living with your parents also has its upsides. Let’s take a look.

Easy Access to Free Laundry

The laundromat is a magical place where people go over and over again to pay to do something they hate. It may, in fact, be one of the most depressing places on the planet earth. But thank every god in every religion ever because here’s a very good chance your parents will have established themselves in this world enough to have ownership of a washer and dryer. And hey, maybe they’ll even do your laundry for you. Double score.

Your Mom’s Cooking

If your mom lives up to the reputation of most maternal home cooks, then you’ve got it made because her meatloaf, ziti casserole, and roast chicken are the best you’ve ever had by far. And if she’s a good baker, well, you’re not only going to be happy – you’ll be fat and happy. Livin’ the dream.

They Go Away

When mom and dad are away, you have an entire house to yourself. You can feel free to have people over and act like everything the eye can see is part of your kingdom. And when you bring a date home to an empty house at least they’re not being exposed to the cramped, insect-infested bachelor pad you would have brought them to (if you could afford one), right?

Built-in Pet-sitter

Taking care of a cat or dog is no small chore – and the toughest part is figuring out who’ll do it when you’re away. But when you live at home you’ve got a couple of pet-sitters just waiting for you to relinquish your dog and/or cat-owning duties. That is, if you can bear to part with them.

The Nostalgia Factor

Where else can you feel as safe, comfortable and content as the place you’ve spent your entire life? Assuming you had a decent childhood you’ll no doubt have warm memories from every corner of the house, enough to keep you going as you bide your time until either your parents retire and move to Florida, or you’re making enough to move out.

House Parties

House parties are still the best thing ever invented – and there’s nowhere better to do it than at a place where the fridge is always stocked, and there’s actually enough space to corral a few dozen of your drunken friends throughout each legendary gathering.

Low Rent/No Rent

Living at home means you aren’t paying for utilities, food, cable and best of all – rent. Okay, maybe your parents are asking for a little something each month, but it’s nowhere near what you’d pay to live out on your own. This way you can save for that special place one day that isn’t just a windowless, closet-sized basement apartment under a hookah bar.

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