Scared Of Spiders? Snakes? Don’t You DARE Watch This Gnarly AF Video Then Because You’ll Never Sleep Again

The redback spider is an EXTREMELY venomous spider found throughout Australia, and it’s a cousin of what we here in ‘Merica know as Black Widow spiders. And I wish I could tell you bros that I’m an Australian snake expert and that I know what species the snake in this video is, but I can’t.

I have no idea what type of snake this is, nor do I have an explanation for why it’s dumb enough to get itself stuck in a redback spider’s web. Snakes aren’t unintelligent creatures, most of them know better than to get stuck in a web of death, but this one apparently didn’t get the memo and met his maker at the fangs of a redback spider.

My only wish is that this video had some sort of Jim Ross-style soundtrack. It’s amazing how quickly venom works, isn’t it?

(h/t @davidcovucci)

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