Scared Of Spiders? Snakes? Don’t You DARE Watch This Gnarly AF Video Then Because You’ll Never Sleep Again

by 2 years ago

The redback spider is an EXTREMELY venomous spider found throughout Australia, and it’s a cousin of what we here in ‘Merica know as Black Widow spiders. And I wish I could tell you bros that I’m an Australian snake expert and that I know what species the snake in this video is, but I can’t.

I have no idea what type of snake this is, nor do I have an explanation for why it’s dumb enough to get itself stuck in a redback spider’s web. Snakes aren’t unintelligent creatures, most of them know better than to get stuck in a web of death, but this one apparently didn’t get the memo and met his maker at the fangs of a redback spider.

My only wish is that this video had some sort of Jim Ross-style soundtrack. It’s amazing how quickly venom works, isn’t it?

(h/t @davidcovucci)

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