People Of Reddit Reveal The Meanest Thing They’ve Ever Done And Oh Boy, You Are All Despicable

by 3 years ago


We like to believe that human beings have advanced much farther from our rage-fueled, emotion-based primitive ancestors. News flash! We really haven’t. Instead of someone stealing livestock off a prairie to anger another human, all you have to do is cut them off on the highway to evoke fury and a physical confrontation. So often our humanity gets suppressed by sheer savagery. Thankfully, most people can quell our wrath by cursing under our breath or carrying out a deed that may be mean or evil, but you’re not curbstomping anyone so I guess it’s an improvement.

In the Ask Reddit section, this question was posed “What is the meanest thing you’ve done to another person?” The people of Reddit did not disappoint.


So wrong. So very wrong

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