The Rich Kids Of Instagram Want You To Know You Are Pathetic For Being Poor


The Rich Kids of Instagram are a loose collective of millennials who come from means who believe the best way to interact with the world at large is by flaunting their excessive wealth on the social networking site Instagram.

Surprisingly, people have found this off-putting, believing the RKOI to be outstanding douches and douches and douches. They really are douches. Just look at that picture above. “These are my cars and plane,” says that douche.

Now, though, the RKOI are firing back. In an article in the Daily Mail, they want you to know that you’re just jelly because your parents were one of the poors.

But first, do these look like a bunch of douches to you?

So how did they defend themselves for this behavior? By blaming the poor for sucking.

‘I don’t think I should be judged for posting a photo like eating caviar at Claridge’s in London while it’s okay for someone to post a picture at McDonald’s,’ argues 22-year-old Andrew Warren, scion of a New York real estate empire, who boasts that ‘all his friends have money too’.

Hahah. You see it is different. Because everyone can afford to eat at McDonald’s. Not everyone can do what you do, and you clearly don’t understand how a nice thing to do is not rub it in someone’s face.

Oh, and how clueless they are.

Meanwhile 23-year-old trader Tomer Sror, from Israel, who has made his fortune from the stockmarket, brags: ‘When you are in a position that you can pretty much get anything in life, you just go for it and live life to the fullest.’

And for those who mock their opulent posts – real estate developer Andreas Arnhoff, 25, from Norway, reveals one of his favourite quotes: ‘Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither.’

I bet a lot of people are doing better than you and still hate you. For example, I am doing better than you, and I hate you. How am I doing better than you, what with my five figure pathetic income? Because I’m aware excessive wealth is a corrupting force and not something you should be proud of.

Because there is nothing wrong with buying something Andreas, which is a girl’s name by the way, but there is something wrong with this.

That is greed. But it’s not just cars. It’s also chicks. The RKOI are boning so much better than you.

Said Andrew Warren, son of a fashion magnate: ‘My girlfriends – although [they’re] all really pretty – come from good families who happen to have money and most of them are really smart, coming from really good schools.’

Who are these hotties?

Good for you. I’m sure everyone loves you for who you are. Now, what about the 22-year-old who wants you to know that you should do the best you.

‘I use Instagram to inspire and motivate people in my age and see what I achieved by hard work and a lot of ambition,’ Tomer Sror told MailOnline.

He also posts a lot of shirtless selfies, because you know. Meanwhile, check out what Prince Emir Badahir had to say.

‘I am an avid connoisseur of the life of luxury. I love travelling, attending and collecting contemporary art and shopping. Fashion is what I was born into. The way I get dressed has no competition.’

That’s a hat and a long-sleeve tee-shirt dude. That’s the shit I wear when I blog from home, you pathetic mother fucker.

Anyway, be less poor.