WARNING: These 20 Rich Kids Of SnapChat Pics Will Only Enrage You

While most of us eek out a livable existence by clawing and scraping for every dollar, there are those who are not even out of high school and already have been given more wealth than you and I will ever see in our lifetimes. It’s one thing to win the lottery of life and appreciate the riches that your parents worked hard for and gave to you on a silver platter, but then it’s totally another thing to flaunt your wealth that you didn’t even work one minute in your life for. These are the Rich Kids of SnapChat.

Just looking at three of these photos caused such jealousy and fury that I wanted to start my own revolution. The driveway full of Ferrari’s that are in every color of the rainbow, the $20,000 Rolexes and the luxury vacations will really make your weekend festivities seem so basic.

From the Rich Kids of SnapChat Facebook and Tumblr, we gathered the 20 most explicitly revolting displays of absurd affluence by teenagers that will only piss you off.

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