Rich People Are Describing The Pitfalls Of Being Wealthy–Now Excuse Me While I Trade In These Cans


With the exception of health-related issues, money troubles are some of the most oppressing problems one can have. I’m white, come from an upper-middle class family, and am decently educated. The universe basically made it fool-proof for me to fuck it up. But I have gone periods of time where my awful fiscal irresponsibility has caused me to go extensive periods of time wearing the same undies because I couldn’t afford to do a load of laundry. I once at a Fun Dip for lunch because I only had enough money for one meal before I got paid the next day. The Fun Dip was fucking delicious and I have zero regrets, other than maybe prematurely eating the stick.

With the exception of acquiring diabetes from 50 grams of delicious blueberry flavored sugar, being strapped for cash is a horrendous, anxiety-inducing experience. I don’t recommend it.

I know George Carlin once said, “Trying to buy happiness by accumulating possessions, is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches to your body,” but having several delicious sandwiches to choose from for later sounds like more of a privilege than a problem.

That’s why it really CHAPS MY ASS to hear these rich people of Reddit booing and hooing about the downside of having the means to buy anything and everything you want, within reason. Lets take a look at some of the most convincing.

It can lead to a great sense of failure if you’re from a rich family where one of your parents was able to make a lot of money and your parents didn’t come from rich backgrounds. It is quite disappointing to feel like you will never be as good.

My husbands family won the lottery about 25 years ago.( A few million, its not like they won the 500 million dollar powerball) They had to move away and completely cut off family members because they were constantly begging for money. No matter how much they gave it was never enough.  Money makes people crazy.

You feel awkward and out of place when you hang out with really good people that have serious money problems and they see you buying really expensive stuff frequently. That and I personally try to not show off wealth if I can help it, especially with girls I want to date, because people WILL treat you differently be it subtly or in plain sight. For example this ex I had started texting me one day out of the blue asking for pizza for her and her bf because she said she was hungry and I have “money to spare.”

If you have any sort of fears, you will spend money to alleviate them. I poured $20,000 into a state of the art security system at my cabin because I am deeply afraid of a crazed lunatic breaking into it at night.

It’s never enough.

It’s not as cool as it looks in the movies. You don’t suddenly become a stud banging supermodels. You do get more female attention, but it doesn’t feel nice, because you know it’s only about money.

You hear that, rich people? Get rid of all your money if you want to avoid losing your friends, being used by people you don’t even like, and women two-timing you.

Just let me know where and when you’re getting rid of it so I can conveniently set up shop below.


Check out the whole thread HERE.

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