Road Rage Fight Between 2 Drivers Escalates Into All-Out Street Brawl

I hate when I get stuck in traffic and it’s for some boring shit like a driver getting pulled over for not using their blinker or a minor fender bender where it’s so miniscule that the 5-mph bumper doesn’t even have a scratch on it. If I have to be stuck in traffic I want to see some shit and be entertained. This street brawl would qualify and I wouldn’t be bothered if I was 10 minutes late to work because of it.

In the opening seconds of the video, you can faintly see the white Mitsubishi SUV unsuccessfully attempt to pass the red Volkswagen on a one-lane road. Once they get to the traffic light, men from both vehicles begin jawing at each other. The driver of the red car gets out and confront the passenger in the white SUV, which prompts the driver of the Mitsubishi to run out and tackle him. Now all of the passengers, men and women, exit their vehicles and join in the fracas.

Team SUV has the advantage with two men ganging up on the one male driver of the red car. The women from both cars attempt to increase the peace, but fail. One of the women gets thrown to the ground violently and injures her stomach.

Onlookers jump in to stop the brawl, and eventually quell the donnybrook at the 2:00 mark. However at the 3:45 mark, the street fight is reignited. Police arrive on the scene around the 5:15 mark to finally end the drama.

They must have both been tourists because everyone knows that Canadians are sweethearts.