Road Rage Turns Into Instant Karma When Dude Gets OBLITERATED By A One-Punch KO

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Word to the wise: Don’t start shit if you can’t finish it. This unfortunate gentleman found out the hard way when he got more than he ever bargained for in his bout of road rage. Instant karma struck quickly and forcefully, and the next thing this fella knew he got his face pulverized.

The one gentleman stops his van in the middle of the road, exits the vehicle and then throws a bottle at the windshield. “What the fuck are you doing!?!?” the passenger says half-laughing, half-shrieking.

Then the driver gets out, has some words, then OBLITERATES the bottle-throwing fuck with a one-punch knockout! He knockout king was kind enough to kick the KO’d victim to the side of the street so he wouldn’t get run over.

The worst part for the KO’d dude was probably not getting knocked out, it was having to hear that high-pitched squealing laugh by the passenger as he attempts to regain consciousness.

I know you fine folks enjoy some road rage justice, so here’s a few more videos.

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