Road Rage Causes Mustang To Spin Out Of Control And Truck Soaring Into Air Then Smashing 11 Cars

A scary car accident, that seems to have stemmed from a road rage incident, was captured by multiple dash-cams. We take you to Fontana, California where the amazingly frightening scene took place.

The driver of the recording car says he heard honking, then seconds later a Ford F-150 pickup truck smashed into a Mustang. The accident occurred as both vehicles attempted to merge into the same lane.

The Mustang loses control and spins like a Whirling Dervish. Meanwhile the pickup truck drives into an embankment that launches the vehicle into the air. The truck broke its fall by crash-landing in the Rock Honda dealership lot, and smashing into 11 cars.

Thankfully there was no fatalities, but the truck driver was hospitalized.

Here’s the nauseating POV video from the dash-cam in the spinning Mustang.