Watch A Robber Turn On His Co-Robbers During Heist, Blasting Them In The Face With Crow Bar

SNAKE IN THE GRASS! Wow you have to be some sort of shitbag to rob a joint, and a whole new level of shitbag to beat the fuck out of the dudes helping you do it. I’m not very nuanced in committing felonies but if I were to turn on my people, I’d make sure I killed them. Hypothetically of course. Because when the dude whose head I kicked in wakes up from his–Oh, what’s that, he’s already dead? Ya, figured his brain is oatmeal. Bad example. But the other two guys who scattered away are the ones you gotta make first order of business. I gotta guy who will do the job for a fair price. Hit me up if you’re reading this. If you can read at all.

OR maybe, just MAYBE, this dude planted himself in the heist plans but actually was undercover. Maybe he owned the place. That would be badass. And that’s what I choose to believe. Because I’d rather believe that justice was served rather than some dirtball taking a crowbar to his friends domes for full share of the pull.

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