Is A Rogue Star On The Outskirts Of Our Solar System Actually Responsible For The Dinosaurs’ Extinction



We here at BroBible (okay, just me) are willing to entertain anything theory — regardless of sheer implausibility — regarding how the dinosaurs may have died.

Was it actually volcanic eruptions and not an asteroid that changed the climate too drastically for them to survive?

Could it have been an atomic bomb? Did Kesha steal them all for her dinosaur prison?

Who the hell knows really? And as unlikely as all these speculations are, every time one comes along, it makes me wanna BELIEVE.

Like the fact that there’s a brown dwarf star orbiting the sun 1.5 light years away, and every 25 million years it comes close enough to our Oort Cloud to dislodge a fury of comets (so the theory of extinction is still the same, just the causality behind it is changing). From a not necessarily conspiracy based website called on an article about how dark matter may have (also) caused the extinction:

One other proposal that has been put forward is that the sun has a companion star, called Nemesis. Nemesis is a hypothetical, faint red/brown dwarf star orbiting the sun at a distance of about 1.5 light years. Every 25m years or so, it makes a pass closer to the sun, which could result in enhanced comet activity, because of its gravitational pull. This is not an unreasonable hypothesis, since the majority of stars belong to systems with multiple stars. However, brown dwarfs are relatively uncommon and Nemesis has not been observed (yet).

First off, Nemisis is a bad ass name for a star.

Second… It’s possible. Just this week astronomers speculated that a Super Earth is lurking in the outskirts of our solar system. And most of the gigantic asteroids have settled into orbits that don’t put them on a collision course with Earth. (The ones that did bombarded the planet billions of years ago. Now they gone.)

Soo… rogue star dislodging a mega-stroid from a safe orbit and sending it hurtling toward the dinosaurs?

I’m in.

[Via Disclose]

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