Colorado Pot Shops Just Introduced The ‘Rookie Cookie’ Because Marijuana-Minded Tourists Can’t Handle Their Shit



We all have that friend. You know who I’m talking about; the guy who talks about how he can drink an entire fifth of Burnett’s by himself and then takes two shots and barfs. The guy who says that leg day is “every day” and then cries after squatting 4 lbs. The guy who says he’s gonna move to Colorado so he can smoke weed erry’ day because his lungs are huge and the shitty pot you’ve got floating around your college town doesn’t do it for him anymore.

Well Colorado is calling bullshit on that last one, Mr. Guy.

Nine months into Colorado’s recreational pot experiment, retailers have good reason to court new users. A market study released in July suggested 40 percent of customers in Denver-area recreational marijuana shops are tourists.

That figure spikes to 90 percent in ski towns such as Aspen or Breckenridge. Tourists cannot shop in medical-marijuana dispensaries, so many of those customers may be buying legal weed for the first time.

New on the shelves in Colorado’s recreational pot shops is the ‘Rookie Cookie,’ a marijuana-infused confection that contains 10 milligrams of marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient. That’s a low enough dose that most adults wouldn’t be too impaired to drive a car…

The wave of lighter choices comes as the new industry tries to pivot away from products aimed at frequent, heavy pot users to newer customers who weren’t interested in the drug when it was illegal.

‘For a long time, the medical market was a race to the strongest edibles. Now it’s a new market, and people want something that won’t get them so inebriated they’re not functional,’ said Holden Sproul of the Growing Kitchen, which makes the ‘Rookie Cookie’ and is phasing out some of its stronger offerings.

There’s no publicly available data on which products are selling. But interviews with dispensary owners and marijuana producers suggest the lighter products are booming.

‘We still get people walking in here saying, ‘What’s the strongest thing?’ But more and more they’re asking about flavor, the experience, the whole nine yards,’ Cullen said.

Via Daily Mail

Go hard or go home, fellas. Why travel all the way out to Colorado just to get a buzz and go home? Fuck that noise.

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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