Horrifying Footage Of A Rottweiler Attacking A Child Is Going Viral But This Story Only Ends Badly For The Pooch

by 4 years ago

A family’s Rottweiler viciously attacked a three-year-old boy as he played in the garden at his Hennenman, South Africa home.

The dog pounced on little Marco Slabbert and began savagely biting his arms and legs, only stopping when a lady rushed to his defense.

According to Daily Mail, the boy suffered head and hand injuries after the attack but was discharged from hospital the following day.

Marco’s father faced backlash online after he shot the family pet dead. He claims that he didn’t kill the dog out of anger, but to prevent this from happening again.

‘It wasn’t out of anger or revenge, but to protect the other people on my property.

Nobody knows if the Rottweiler would have attacked someone again. When a dog has attacked someone the chances are good that he will do it again.’

The father said he contacted the local branch of animal help group SPCA and was told that they would also have put the dog down.

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